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September 22


There are so many details to planning a wedding, enough to give you a headache and send you to bed early with an advil PM. One of them is how to display your seating chart or escort cards. Do you throw in the towel and do someting simple or do you something that will pack a major punch and wow your guests? We tend to favor with the latter {this also happens to be one of our favorite details at a wedding!}

August 27


As always, weddings trends come and go. They show up, go bananas and are at every wedding you attend for a year or two and then it's on to the next big thing. In the world of flowers, blush colors and dusty miller type foliage has ruled the roost for the past couple years. Truly, all of the weddings we have been to as of late have all been a blush, white and silvery grey color palette when it comes to florals. Well move over blush because green leafy foliage is moving in!

August 26


We are a sucker for a good crop top, and that still holds true even when it comes to wedding dresses. They're different, they're trendy and give you so many options! 

June 15


Kale has been everywhere these last few years:  in our juice, in our salad, on lists for healthy superbowl snacks.  Now I see kale has made an appearance on a list of 2014 wedding trends:  decorative kale is making it into bridal bouquets.

March 30



File this under "things that make us want to have another wedding."  

March 15


Succulents are making quite a splash at this year's weddings.  We love them because they're pretty, they're low maintenance, and they do what a  flower does, but in a more modern way.  Have a look...

January 25


Wedding trends in 2014 are looking to be very glamorous:  woodland weddings inspired by Sean Parker's 2013 wedding, midriff baring wedding gowns,  jeweled necklines, video photo booths, neverending destination weekends.  It all sounds kind of over the top to us, but one trend we really like:  the instagram ban.

November 17



Winter weddings open up all sorts of possibilites for food and flowers.

October 27



On our latest trip to Europe, we found pretty purple used in so many great places:  fashion, accessories, home textiles.  So of course, our minds turned to weddings.  Purple is the perfect pop of color for a spring wedding when used with a bit of restraint.

August 18


If you’re bored with basic white, a bold way to modernize your special day is to opt for an dress outside the normal color scheme.

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