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Your tips and advice Keeping Your Home Clutter Free
Every year when spring rolls around and the weather warms up it is common for people to feel the urge to clean, organize and get rid of unused items in order to give their home a fresh and new feeling. Spring cleaning a home is a lot of work, and it is only natural to become lost in the chaos of all that needs to get done to the point where you simply give up on the whole idea. The thought of spring cleaning can become so daunting that it can put a damper on the happiness and excitement the season brings. News flash, spring cleaning does not have to be overwhelming and stressful! Here are some helpful tips that will make spring cleaning easy and maybe even enjoyable.

Creating a game plan

House Mix Blog suggests that every spring cleaner needs a game plan. Start by walking through each room and making a list of specific areas you want to focus on. Set goals for what you want your home to look like, then make a list of what you need to do to get it there. Once you have compiled your list, prioritize the tasks so when you are working from the list you know which tasks need to be done first. That way you are prepared for each task. It is a lot harder to become overwhelmed if you have direction to the end goal, so always start with a plan so you know exactly what needs to be done and when.

Keeping things organized

Organization isn’t easy, especially if you have a house full of people. First and foremost you must get rid of unnecessary clutter. Go through every room and every closet with the goal of creating more space. If you have not used specific items or worn certain clothes for a while, it is time to say goodbye to them. Try not to have more than one of something because that also clutters up space. Once your home is free of unnecessary clutter, give everything a home by using baskets, bins, drawer organizers and other organizational tools that will keep your home from gaining more clutter. Organizing your home might not seem important, but it is vital to a functioning home because it saves you from wasting money on unneeded items, it makes your everyday life easier because you can find things, it helps you utilize space and it gives you a peaceful state of mind. Try it and see!

Wants verses needs

One of the hardest parts about getting rid of things and shopping for new things is determining what you need, and what you don’t need. Ask yourself questions like, “is this something I will use on a regular basis?” or “do I already have something similar to this?” and “where will this go when I take it home? If you are unsure about the answers to these questions, chances are you do not need the item.

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Posted By: Philip White
Tags: home remodeling, home renovation, interior decorating, home organization, home cleaning tips, decluttering a home
Your tips and advice What a $10,000 remodeling budget can by
A $10,000 renovation budget might not sound like much, but it can cover a plethora of remodeling projects. If you're planning to sell your home in the next 2 years, Michael Corbett, a writer for Daily Finance, suggests you set aside $10,000 to do a little upgrading of your home. This will help make your home more saleable and could increase your value as well.

Understanding renovation investment

The first thing to remember is that a $10,000 investment doesn't mean your home value will rise by $10,000. It might rise a little, but not that full amount. Just think of this money as a way to speed up the selling process which could save you money in paying for two home payments if you have to move right away or the cost of traveling a longer distance to a new job because you're stuck at your old home. There's also the cost of your time spent trying to market your home, which isn't exactly calculable.

Corbett explained, "Individually, item-by-item, renovations don't add up to much of a value adding proposition. But, when you put them all together with vision and [a] little creativity, you create an overall house improvement and a big return on your investment!"

Here's a breakdown of what you can do room by room with $10,000:

·         Kitchen - Replace older appliances with new, matching ones or
resurface your cabinets.

·         Master bath - Upgrade your shower, replace your countertops,
upgrade fixtures, or replace your vanity.

·         Paint - Repaint your entire interior with some sort of neutral
paint potential homebuyers could easily see themselves living with.

·         Curb appeal - Plant some new hedges, grow some greener grass,
paint the front door a refreshing accent color, or add some outdoor

·         Heating and air systems - Upgrade these systems to newer energy
efficient models. Whether you stay in your home or move you'll benefit from
lower utility costs.

·         Solar power - Installing solar panels is attractive in today's
"green" market and will also help lower utility costs.

Don't try to spread you $10,000 too thin. Focus on some areas where you could really make a difference and then go big or go home.

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Posted By: khineymubur
Tags: remodeling budget, renovation investment, replace appliances, remodeling projects, increase home value
Your favorite things The Early Bird Gets the Treasure
Our latest batch of treasures has arrived from the south of France and we promised you something fun!  Every day this week on you'll find one new treasure from our trip.   Like this Pretty Pierced Ironstone Platter that we found in Avignon.   It's one of our favorites.  There's only one, so if it tickles your fancy, grab it quick!

If you want to be one of the first to know when a new treasure has arrived, follow missgreenthing on instagram.    She knows what's up.
Posted By: ElsieGreenAdmin
Your favorite sustainable materials used books
Hundreds of used books, hard and soft-cover, most in great shape, are thrown away after our community library's bi-annual booksales. The library can't affort to do anything else with them!

Would love to see them put to good use…don't know how library board would approach an alternative to the landfill other than many members (and people who live in the community) would be happy to see them used in some way.

Anyone, any business, have any ideas? The next sale is in May…Might cost nothing for the books, might just take shipping costs. Have no idea, but sure would like to see something else happen….would be thrilled to coodinate.
Posted By: e babin
Tags: used books, recycle books
Your backyard and garden Organic, Local, Lovely with Celine MacKay
Good Morning Everyone! My name is Celine, I am the founder and editor of an independent print magazine called Pure Green.

It's a pleasure and delight to be chatting with you today! Laurie (of Greenhouse Design Studio) and I chose sustainable food and micro-farming as a topic for today's forum as it's one that's very near and dear to my heart. I'm always reading about the topic and trying new things in my own backyard. In fact, we're dedicating an entire issue of Pure Green Magazine to the topic, which will be available in early April. I'm looking forward to answering your questions (I'll do my very best) and we may have a surprise guest! Jonathan, the food editor of Pure Green Magazine will be available later today to share ideas, food pairings or even recipe suggestions if you like. I can draw on his expertise throughout the day as well as he just so happens to also be my husband :)

As an additional bonus to the already fabulous prizes we're offering today, I'd also like to extend a special discount to new subscribers of the magazine - today only participants in this wonderful chat can receive $5 off a subscription (does not apply to single issues) by entering the code 'GREENHOUSE'. Visit this link to subscribe - thank you for supporting!

So, without further ado, let's kick this off!!
Posted By: celine
Your backyard and garden Organic, local, lovely
Every four years, we get an extra day.  Let's spend it learning about healthy and sustainable ways to grow, choose, and prepare our food.  Now, that's time well spent!  

Join us Leap Day (Wednesday, February 29th) 9am - 8pm PST as Celine MacKay, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Pure Green magazine gives us a sneak peek into her next issue, dedicated to Urban Farming.  

Celine will be talking about sustainable food production, how best to eat organically and locally, and new trends in micro-farming.  

If you post a comment or question for Celine, you'll get all this:

Great information Celine has gathered from her months of research, and a glimpse into Pure Green's next issue.

20% off your next Greenhouse purchase.

A chance to win a print issue of Pure Green magazine.  

A chance to win our new gift set "5 beautiful (green) basics no home should be without."  

New inspiration for a healthy and sustainable way of eating.  

Really, what's the downside?
Posted By: ElsieGreenAdmin
Tags: celine, mackay, pure, green, magazine, organic, local, micro-farming, urban, farming
Your tips and advice simple decorating advice from tricia foley
at this time of year, i love to bring a bit of the outdoors inside ...I'm lucky enough to live out in the country and fresh greens and berries are just outside the door in my own backyard so i'm always coming in with an armful of branches, berries or pinecones...
Posted By: Tricia
Tags: holiday greens, natural decorating
Your tips and advice simple decorating advice from tricia foley
at this time of year, i love to bring a bit of the outdoors inside ...I'm lucky enough to live out in the country and fresh greens and berries are just outside the door in my own backyard so i'm always coming in with an armful of branches, berries or pinecones...
Posted By: Tricia
Your tips and advice Chit Chat with Tricia Foley 11/16 7am - 1pm PST
Meet us here tomorrow, November 16th, any time between 7am and 1pm PST for decorating chat with designer, stylist and author Tricia Foley.

Tricia will be talking about simple ways to decorate with natural elements and answering your questions.  

If you post a comment or question for Tricia, you'll get all this:

Great advice from a super chic design expert

20% off your next Greenhouse purchase

A chance to win a market tote filled with olive oil, vinegar, jams and salts from Tricia's New General Store

New inspiration to add some chic holiday style to your home.

What's the downside?  See you here!
Posted By: ElsieGreenAdmin
Tags: Tricia, foley
Your tips and advice Color and Paint Advice from YOLO Colorhouse
Purple is back in 2012!

When we started YOLO Colorhouse in 2005, we launched our first collection – The Earth’s Color Collection, void of even a hint of violet.  We really felt purple did not belong on walls!

Six years later, our views on purple have softened and three of our 92 hues for interiors can be categorized in the purple family – CREATE .06, PETAL .07, and AIR .07.

Our 2012 trend palette, Dusk to Dawn, features 2 of these infamous hues paired with neutrals NOURISH .02 and NOURISH .03.  See the palette here -

When used in the right setting, this elegant color makes a room come to life in an exciting and unexpected way.  Even a spot of this color can make a statement.

How do you feel about purple, aubergine, lilac, grape, CREATE .06, AIR .07 used in architecture?
Posted By: Virginia and Janie
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